Top 8 Ways To Use Social Media

by Lewis Howes on April 1, 2009

In this video I talk about my top 8 ways to use social media.  There are a number of more things I could have added to the mix (I am sure I could make a top 20 very easily) but I wanted to keep it brief.

I also talk about some of the top individuals in social media today and why you should be following their work if you are not already.

Did I miss any important points or do these top 8 suit you well also?  Feel free to share this video or leave a comment below, or check out my post on my top 7 Online Guerrilla Marketing Tips.

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Linda Arnold 04.04.09 at 7:19 am

Great video for me. I am new to social networking and have 2 out of three sites covered for being out there. Working on Facebook now! Thanks for a concise summary of how to get started properly!

Clay 04.09.09 at 6:44 pm

Good stuff Lewis. You’re a rising star. It might be a stretch… but what are your bottom 8… or top 8 things to avoid on social media. I’m interested.

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