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Does This Apply to You on LinkedIn?

  • You've set up your LinkedIn Profile but still don't "get" what LinkedIn can do for you.

  • You're overwhelmed with Inmail, and invitations from those you don’t know.

  • You can’t seem to understand what a 2nd and 3rd degree connection does to make you money, land a job, and increase sales.

  • You see the value in being on LinkedIn, but don’t have any more time for it

  • You know there are rules of etiquette, yet you still send generic invitations, ask the wrong questions, and provide the wrong information in discussions.

  • You have an assistant (VA), but are not sure yet what you could be delegating to her/him.

  • You've started mastering the basics features of LinkedIn but want access to quick and easy training to gain mastery.


Do You Want LinkedIn to REALLY HELP YOU?

In this hands-on training you will learn:

How to set up your profile the right way to receive a job

How to become recognized as a thought leader in your industry

How to generate thousands of quality leads for your product or service

How to find business partners, sponsors, and investors for your company

How to use groups effectively to build a growing database of thousands of professionals in your industry

How to make side income creating live events produced from LinkedIn

How to drive thousands of organic hits to your website monthly

How to sell your products on LinkedIn

And much more!!!


Sign up now for THREE 1-hour training Webinars where I walk you through all the specific how-to's you need to get your LinkedIn strategy off to a flying start!

The emphasis is on implementation. You can have other sites open in another window and get set up real time on the fly!


Here's what I cover on the THREE 1-hour webinars: 


PART I: Creating a Rock Star Profile!  Here I will walk you through each step to set up your profile the right was so you can start achieving your goals instantly!  Everything you need to know about LinkedIn from creating the right headline, where to add key words to increase your search ranking, what to include in your summery and how to set it up the entire profile to look like the thought leader in your industry. 

When? Monday March 23rd at 6PM EST - Don't worry if you can't make it, we'll send you the recording


PART II: Lead Generation and Advanced Training: Everything you need to know about using your LinkedIn Profile, Groups, Question and Answers, and the Search tools create massive visibility, job opportunities, traffic, paying clients, top joint ventures and more.  This will give you all of the training you need to take out the guess work, start marketing yourself the right way and for FREE, and to give you faster results.

When? Tuesday March 24th at 6PM EST


PART III: Putting it all together including what tools, outside sites, resources and techniques I use to automate, increase connections and opportunities, leverage and delegate. Also there will be time for Q&A so all of your questions will be answered!!

When? Wednesday March 25th at 6PM EST


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