Top 8 Ways To Use Social Media

by Lewis Howes on April 1, 2009

In this video I talk about my top 8 ways to use social media.  There are a number of more things I could have added to the mix (I am sure I could make a top 20 very easily) but I wanted to keep it brief.

I also talk about some of the top individuals in social media today and why you should be following their work if you are not already.

Did I miss any important points or do these top 8 suit you well also?  Feel free to share this video or leave a comment below, or check out my post on my top 7 Online Guerrilla Marketing Tips.


LinkedIn Success Week Video

by Lewis Howes on March 25, 2009

The above video is footage from only two of the events from the week.  All of the events were like this and the following events will be just as fun.  Look forward to seeing you at the next LinkedWorking events in your city.


LinkedIn on NBC in Columbus

by Lewis Howes on March 19, 2009

Above is an interview NBC in Columbus did with Frank Agin and me about our new book LinkedWorking “LinkedIn Success Week” the highly successful book tour we had that drew over 2500 people in attendance.


Joel Comm Boot Camp Info

by Lewis Howes on March 9, 2009

Click on the image below to sign up today!

Joel Comm

LinkedIn Success Week Images: St. Louis

by Lewis Howes on March 3, 2009

The event in St. Louis was crazy packed!!!  Catch Frank and I in one of the following cities during the rest of LinkedIn Success Week!!!